With Easter fast approaching, children are looking forward to some of the fun activities that go along with Easter.   For my family Easter is not just about Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and peeps.   Yes, I love all three and more!

We take time as a family to celebrate Easter and remember what it is all about.  This blog post is not about that!  I want to talk about some fun crafts and activities to do with your children.

Every year I try to make a perfect Easter egg – I envision works of art and beauty and the reality is I end up with a grey egg, or some type of mess!  If you are looking for creativity in decorating Easter eggs, then check out:  Dying Easter Eggs

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Another thing I look forward to over the Easter weekend is Peeps! I love them and I am not the only one. Did you know there is actually a fan club for Peeps? Who knew!
If you are curious about what kinds of things you can create with Peeps check out:  Crafts & Recipes

Peeps Flowerpot Topiary

                                                                                                                                                        Peeps Flower Pot Topiary

I also love flowers at Easter.  Flowers announce the arrival of spring to me, and one of my favorites is Easter Lilly’s.  Making hand-print Easter Lilly’s would be a fun craft for children and the perk is they last all year!   Check out:  Handprint Lilies

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These are some of my favorite ideas I found and I can’t wait to try a Peep Craft! I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter weekend, most important enjoy spending time with your family and little ones.

Happy Easter!

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