So for Mother’s Day, what are you looking forward to?  I love that I don’t have to do anything in the kitchen on the big day.  I also love a good nap on Mother’s day!

Since I was pondering the big day, I thought I would share some food ideas for your Mom.

For me my all-time favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict.  I would love for the family to try cooking this for breakfast, but I know that I can’t cook it so I wouldn’t expect my family to take on the challenge!  I am also happy with pancakes and bacon.


 Simple Recipe Eggs Benedict

 To check out the recipe for this amazing dish go to simple recipes:  Eggs Benedict

After breakfast, I am looking forward to settling down with a cappuccino that my amazing husband makes and watching my favorite Sunday morning news show.

With such an amazing breakfast, I don’t need to worry about lunch!  But if you were thinking about fixing a lunch for your Mom, this salad looks pretty good!


 Mommy I’m Hungry:  Knock off Applebee’s Chicken Salad

 For the recipe check out Mommy I’m Hungry:  Knock off Applebees Chicken Salad


After such an amazing lunch, I am headed to the beach with a good book, and possibly a nap in the sun!

For a mid-day snack I love Dark Chocolate for a sweet fix.  You can never go wrong with giving Mom a little chocolate!

Now onto Dinner – Usually we have Mom’s request in our house.  I usually prefer to stay home, so some years I want steak and other times I want my husband’s amazing ribs cooked on the grill!

Since I am on a health kick now (just ignore all the fattening pictures I just posted above) I am going to go for grilled Tuna.  This looks divine!


 Grilled Tuna over Arugula with Lemon Vinaigrette from Skinnytaste

 For this recipe go to:  skinny

 Since I ate so healthy for dinner, dessert is a must!  I love chocolate and this chocolate mousse with chocolate cherries will hit the spot!


 Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Covered Cherries Hoosier Homemade
For the recipe go to:  Hoosier Homemade

 Mom has now eaten enough calories for the week, so maybe the whole family should go for a nice walk after dessert!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Just remember it’s a day to honor all Moms’ and to spoil your own Mom rotten.

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