All set for the road trip
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tony Crescibene

While traveling during the holidays, you may hear, “How much longer before we get there? I’m bored! What can we do?”

Well Mom and Dad, how about using music to create a better atmosphere. Gari Stein wrote an article, “The Benefits of Using Music with Young Children,” which she suggests that music and movement can:

  • Nourish the brain while affecting all areas of development
  • Strengthen listening, motor skills, language, problem solving and literacy
  • Help develop critical listening skills
  • Create space for emotional well-being
  • Provide opportunities to practice social skills
  • Instill acts of kindness and cooperation
  • Calm and focus the mind
  • Encourage interaction in non-threatening ways

So as you travel along, whether taking a vacation or just running those daily errands, put Gari Stein’s theory into use by bringing a variety of  interactive songs to teach and entertain.  You can go to and download songs to suit your family’s needs.

There are songs to help with:

  • Mathematics
  • Science Songs
  • Early Childhood Songs
  • Special Education Songs
  • Languages:  English, French, German, Latin, Spanish and Chinese
  • Life Skills Songs

You can also bring along the book and CD “That’s Bingzy! Busy Building Self-Esteem.  Kids will enjoy learning the rhymes and singing the positive, uplifting songs while traveling from one place to another. This is also a great time for parents to discuss and interact with their kids, in an effort to build- up their child’s self-esteem.

Here’s to happy travels!

The Bing Note Team

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